What Causes Drop Downs in Internet Speed?

Getting a slow internet connection is something usual for different reasons. Even if you are paying for premier level internet service and a high-speed internet connection like Cable Internet or a DSL connection. The reason is simple. The internet service that we happily use at home relies on different technologies. This involves a very complex and in-depth analysis that enables these technologies to communicate with each other. Hence there are several places where the inflow and outflow of data can slow down before it gets to the target computer screen. 

Other than that, one of the reasons can be that there is a blunder from your internet service provider’s end too. But there are a few more factors that are responsible for causing all the trouble. Not all slow points are beyond your control and you can fix them up by incorporating a few DIY techniques and efforts. Here are a few reasons for a slow internet reception:

The Working Age of Your Router

There is a high chance that you are using an old router or a modem that connects you to an internet connection like Spectrum. If your equipment/hardware is a few years old, it is high time that it is time to get an upgrade. Check out your ISP if they can get your router replaced.

Check out Your Router’s Configuration

There is a high chance that your right might not be configured correctly. You can refer to the manual or the documentation that you have received with your router and configure your router accordingly. Or you can just go to the manufacturer’s website and get this done.

There Can Be An Unwelcomed Guest On Your Network

One of the reasons can be that you haven’t secured your Wi-Fi or haven’t used a password for it. This encourages people living in your neighborhood to use your Open Wi-Fi connection, thus you will be having a slow internet speed as more users are connected to your network. Spectrum Internet packages get you an amazing Security Suite for free to protect you while you’re online.

Look out for Added Plug-ins From Your Web Browser

If you’re fond of adding plug-ins to make your browser more efficient to handle your tasks, there is news for you. If you’re having a slow internet connection, this must be possible because there might be a plug-in or an add-on that is running in the background and your bandwidth is getting all used up there or there is a security feature enabled by you that is becoming a hurdle when you’re trying to view your desired web page. 

Your System Must Have Been Infected By A Malware

Malware and malicious software get your computer infected and they do it so secretly and use up your entire or a part of your bandwidth to send out spam content and even disseminate porn. Also, if you’re a torrent user, there is a chance that there are uploads or downloads in progress that choke up your bandwidth. All of this happens and at times without your intent or information.

Incompatible Connection Type

This is one of the reasons that you do not get a proper internet connection. It is one of the first things that you have to make sure that you get the internet speed that you want. The reason why that you need to make sure that you know what speeds you need as each connection type is different when it comes to ways of transmitting data and is according to the level of internet usage and the type of activity that you need to perform. When your router, cable or your modem malfunction, there is a certain reason behind it. Certain glitches have an adverse effect on your performance no matter who good your internet connection is. 

To make sure that your internet starts normally, you need to try out a couple of potential troubleshooting tests. You can rearrange and reconfigure your equipment. If you want to do this in a more systematic way, you can try out bypassing the router, swap a couple of cables, test with different devices and isolate the slow performance


These are a few reasons that always result in getting you a slow internet service at home or at work. In case you are a residential use, the loss is very low. This might not be the case if you are using the internet for business purposes. Make sure that you can diagnose the reason behind the slow internet service and save a lot of time and energy as well.

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